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This is the fourth post in a series on parenting a child who stutters as an adult who stutters. For context, I’ve worked hard to achieve my own personal version of self-acceptance of my stutter, and, therefore, may hold different perspectives on how best to support my son’s journey. I offer my story and that of my family to bring awareness to this part of the stuttering experience that both people who stutter often fear and usually overlook as a transition in their journey that we will have to confront.

The sound of Wik

Starts and restarts

Wwwik – wwwik – wwwik

His accented voice shudders

Eyes search

He anxiously laughs

Because the name 

Of his favorite horse in Curious George

Is trapped in a running stutter.

We wait


My wife holding back tears

My heart, 




What he is struggling to say

And when his stutter will break free.




Watch my lips

He instructs

Mimicking his teacher 


He sounds it out fluently.

Hiding her tears

She flees

I kneel in front of him

He senses

Only wanting his mama

She returns,

Proclaiming something got in her eye.

He doesn’t give up, 

Making sure she’s okay. 

This is parenting stuttering.

You bend



For more on my experiences of being a parent who stutters, see the following series of posts I've published the last three days for National Stuttering Awareness Week.

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