Hi, I’m Chris.

I am a person who stutters, or a stutterer, who writes and speaks about the lived experience of stuttering. 

I have spent most of my life thinking about stuttering and the many ways in which it has impacted my life. Stuttering stood in the way of everything I wanted to do and become—my hopes, dreams, and happiness. 

That is…until about ten years ago when I decided to take back my life from it. 

As a child coming of age with a severe stutter, I lived in this forever fog of uncertainty of what my life would be like if I continued to talk one struggled word at a time. The anxiety and fear of my future was relentless, paralyzing even. I lived to make it to the next day. I chased fluency for twenty years, languishing in speech therapy via college clinics, school, intensive programs, private in home sessions, and in conjunction with the Speech Easy device. I was trapped in a never-ending nightmare. 

But, I couldn’t shake the curiosity of how to escape the all-encompassing uncertainty that the experience of stuttering inflicted upon me. I didn’t want to be cured—because I knew that wasn’t possible—and I knew fluency was not the answer. 

And thus began a whirlwind journey to not only understand stuttering but to truly feel and learn what it was like to live collaboratively with my stutter. Thankfully, I also started to write about what happened and what I learned along the way. Ten years into my transformation I reached a level of self-acceptance and a life that I believed was impossible to achieve if I still stuttered. 

On the other side of uncertainty revealed stuttering as a literal superpower, rather than something to fix. I still stutter, quite severely at times, and do so proudly

While I write mostly about my journey through and into self-acceptance, my story is your story whether you stutter or not. I hope to use words written and spoken to help change how stuttering is livedconfronted, and perceived in a world in which its viewed as a disability, disorder, and an impediment. 

Thank you for following along, 



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The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.

Marcus Aurelius