Every Waking Moment

Hello, my name is Chris and this is where I write about the lived experience of stuttering and how I took back my life from it. Stuttering shaped who I am today, though it provides a unique perspective through which to experience the world.

What is Every Waking Moment? The answer I give to others who ask what it was like to come of age with stuttering and then learn to thrive with instead of fighting it.

And…I just self-published the #1 NEW RELEASE, titled:

Every Waking Moment: The Journey to Take Back My Life from the Trauma and Stigma of Stuttering

Follow along as I write and speak about the complex nature of stuttering and its impact on my life.

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Audiobook Narrator with a Stuttering Voice? – Training My Voice

This is the third article in a series of posts chronicling my journey through audiobook production, from conception to publication on Amazon Audible. In this article, I write about the rest of my training prior to beginning to record. It describes a walk-in-my-shoes through my daily morning reading sessions, progress and setbacks, and personal feedback…

Let the Stains Blow Away

Moments of stuttering are ever present in my mind from over 20 years ago. The feelings, emotions, and aftershock of each still vibrate through my mind and body, usually outside of my control.  These are the imprints of stuttering that have lasted, impeded my life, and those that I’ve focused on to smooth over their…

The Speech: Punchlines and Perseverance

The Lead Up I was thinking about it, yet I knew I was going to do it. There was no question that I wouldn’t, which in the many years leading up to the moment I hadn’t been so sure of myself.  This was the difference—no hesitation.  I waited patiently as the father of the bride,…

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You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller